The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          


I have often been asked about the nature of my teaching. This is my answer: "It is a teaching about the Living nature which includes all living forces that are subject of study of science. It is a science of man, a science of the Reason in the world. It is a science of God, of Love."

My teaching is founded on three basic principles: Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Truth. These principles presume the need of universal peace and understanding amongst people, brotherhood and mutual help for the benefit of all. My teaching precludes all violence and requires absolute cleanliness of thoughts, feelings and actions. One of the most important requirements for all disciples of this teaching is impeccable morality.

For the disciple of the Divine school to be able to accept and apply the great truths of Christ's teaching he must be clean physically, morally and spiritually. Every breach of this prerequisite is a major setback in his growth. He must be upright in every respect – towards himself as well as towards others, towards society and the state. I advise respect of all established laws and regulations of the authorities.

I am not involved in politics because it is not among our goals. Politics is only an appropriate venue for people who are just starting to study life. I only aim to advise what is reasonable – the good. To be able to grasp at Divine Wisdom and to understand Divine Truths a man needs knowledge about life. This knowledge is given to those who wish to learn and improve on their own free will. If they are strong and healthy mentally as well as morally, then they accept easily the lessons given onto them and if not they can decide to leave and refrain from a job that was never in their power.

I am neither one to call upon anybody, nor to force and keep anybody against his will. My teaching applies the law of reasonable freedom. Those who come shall not be driven away, but those who wish to go away shall not be restrained.



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