The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          

Why have I gathered you here, in the School?
To create a society of people who have great love for each other, to create a medium of Love so that this centre can send out powerful waves of Love around the world. This Love will overflow in the world and reach people's souls to awaken them.




The White Brotherhood Society today


In 1990 The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria approved the statutes of the White Brotherhood Society. Later it was registered under the provisions of the Law on Religious Denominations in Bulgaria as White Brotherhood Society.

In 1994 White Brotherhood Publishing house was founded to continue the publishing activities of the Society up to 1944. It re-prints the Master's lectures in Bulgarian and other languages, using the texts that were printed before 1948 which have preserved the authenticity of the original words; it publishes new books compiled of preserved shorthand records. It also publishes thematic collections with excerpts from the Word, memoirs and works of Master's followers. It produces films, exhibitions and concerts; distributes CDs and DVDs about Master Peter Deunov's life and work. It also publishes a newspaper "Life of the Brotherhood" and a magazine "Wheat Grain". The publishing house has over 80 titles in its catalogue with books in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and other languages among them.





Today the White Brotherhood Society continues the traditions started by the Master in the 20th century. Gatherings are held annually near the Seven Lakes in Rila, which attract thousands of followers from the country and from abroad. For the followers of the White Brotherhood Teaching, Rila is a sacred place; they dare to come to these places only in respect and feeling of worship. The leading principle in their attitude is absolute purity of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Like in the days of the Master, before the gathering at the Second Lake, a work group of brothers first goes up there to prepare the camp for all the followers and friends. On August 1st the camp is opened for the followers. Here is what a day in the summer school looks like.




Other well established traditional events are the Youth gathering at Madara (since 1993) and also the meetings on Stoletov's mountain top in the Gabrovo region of the Balkan which are organized by the groups in Gabrovo, Kazanlak and Stara Zagora, an also in Dimitrovgrad, Belogradchik, Burgas, Varna, Russe, Sliven, etc. The gatherings of brothers attract followers from all over the country who come to communicate, to exchange ideas, and to share spiritual experience. The methods of self-improvement given by the Master are being practiced – meditation at sunrise, gymnastic exercises and Paneurhythmy are performed. There are readings of the Master's talks; lectures are presented on topics of interest to the community. Community dinners are provided, exhibitions and concerts are presented, and trips and hikes are organized. Ecological projects are developed.



There are brotherhood groups in most Bulgarian towns and people come together to listen to lectures and to do the Paneurhythmy; community centres have been built that are a natural place of brotherhood life.

Several scientific conferences have been held since 1991 devoted to the scientific and practical methods for spiritual growth given by Master Peter Deunov and their application. Seminars, concerts, lecture courses, courses on Paneurhythmy are being organized annually after 1990.


By the end of 2006 Bulgarian National Television started the campaign "The Great Bulgarians" which was based on a BBC programme and in that campaign people put Master Peter Deunov in second place right between Vasil Levski and Khan Asparuh




In July 2007 Bulgaria was visited by the world famous Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto who chose to be present in Bulgaria among 16 other countries for the World Water Day that was celebrated by people in many countries. He visited the place where the Master's body was laid to the ground in Izgrev RD in Sofia; he also took samples form the waters of the Seven Lakes in Rila and gave a lecture at the National Palace of Culture.



In November 2007, thanks to the collaboration of Pittsburgh and Boston Universities, the Master's diploma thesis was published. It was the result of the joined efforts of University Publishing house "Sveti Kliment Ohridski" and White Brotherhood Publishing house. The thesis "Migration and Christianization of the German Tribes" with introductions by Prof. Harry Salman from the Netherlands and the Head of Gothic studies for Bulgaria Prof. Dr. Rosen Milev attracted a lot of attention among the scientific community. It appears that Peter Deunov was the first Bulgarian – and the second person in the world, - who wrote about the origins of the Gothic alphabet in our lands and about Bishop Wulfila who translated the Bible in Gothic around 370 AD.



In his presentation of Bulgaria in BBC's "Eastern Delight" series Michael Palin chose the White Brotherhood and Paneurhythmy in Rila to show the specific and peculiar characteristics of our country.

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