The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          


March 22nd – On this day, in 1914, was established the holiday of the Brotherhood in Sofia – the first day of Spring.

The day of the spring equinox is connected to the renewing influence of the solar energy on the whole of nature. This is the beginning of new life. A period of creativity begins in the living nature. This is also the time to go out of the spiritual learning process in winter and to enter the practical area – processing of all that is learned. This day marks the beginning of the spiritual practice Paneurhythmy. Symbolically the holiday is related to the awakening of the human soul in its ascent to God.




June 22nd – The holiday of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year is another crucial moment in nature's life – this is the time when the forces ruling it change places. Up until then all the organic world is on the rise and grows, and after that comes the period of calm. The preceding period we can call a period of creativity and from June the 22nd - the period of building starts. The longest day of the year is a symbol of the supremacy of light and good over darkness.



July 12th1864 – Master Peter Deunov's date of birth. In the old style calendar the date was June 29th – Petrovden (St Peter's Day). Peter Deunov was born in the village of Hadardja (now called Nikolaevka), Varna region, in the family of the priest Konstantin Deunovski – a renowned spiritual leader during the Revival period. This holiday commemorates the deep reverence and worship for the life-work of Master Peter Deunov.



August 19th – August 21st – Beginning of the Divine New year. August is the month for the Summer spiritual school which takes place in Rila by the Seven Rila Lakes. August 19th, 20th, and 21st are the days dedicated to the Divine New Year – a new beginning, related to the rising sun of the human spirit.



September 22nd – Autumnal equinox. The day of the autumnal equinox is important as a new change in nature's life, a change which affects all natural kingdoms. On this day the cycle of the spiritual practice Paneurhythmy ends and the new spiritual study cycle begins. It marks the start of organized readings of the lectures and talks of Master Peter Deunov.



December 27th – On this day, in 1944, Wednesday, at 5 am, in Sofia, Master Peter Deunov ended his earthly path.

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