The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          


Be thankful for today, for all that is given to you. Be thankful for the heart, mind and body that are given to you as means of work. When you give thanks for all that is given and is being given, your day will be joyous and cheerful.

You must be glad to be living in one of the most important epochs. All the world is awakening today. Everything is moving in a new direction. Human consciousness is expanding.


Great is all that God is preparing for all mankind. But a man must not wait for the world to fix itself; he must enter the new life even now. The only path to this real life is Love. Those who show Love have enetered the New Culture. It is time for all people to elevate their consciousness a step higher and give way to Divine energies.





Prayer, contemplation , word formulas


Prayer is by nature the active principle of searching and manifesting of the connection from man to God. Contemplation is a passive method of  finding God within yourself. Word formulas are the expression of the principle of free will in man, the principle of self-recognition. 


Prayer is the most powerfull act in human life. It concentrates human thought, feeling and will all in one.

Prayer is turning of the heart to God and concentration of the mind so that we can accept certain Divine flows. These flows must enter the heart, we must feel them and then we can pray.

Prayer is a spiritual breathing, ripening of the Divine blessings. It is a method for clearing of thoughts, feelings and willpower and for re-establishment of the severed communication with God. When a man turns his heart to God, he breathes the elixir of life.


Why is prayer necessary? It is a link of the human soul with the sublime World of Reason where man gets his powers for life sustenance. Sometimes the soul needs inner, spiritual nourishment that only prayer can provide.

Prayer cannot be ordered. It is a free act of the human spirit and the human soul. Such a prayer can work miracles. If the prayer does not include thought, feeling and action, it is not true.

Pray not only for yourselves but for all. Those who only think of themselves will accomplish nothing. Pray for each other. The law is: when a person is praying ferventlty all the people who are in harmony with him pray along with him.    

Be thankfull to God for both evil and good. Then God shall turn evil to good.





Man must turn to his inner self so that he can be lifted above the ordinary life conditions. Devote several minutes to contemplation every day. Turn your mind to all reasonable beings whose life is settled. Free yourself from cares and worries and say: "We are thankful to God for all he has done!" Do this exercise three times a day – in the morning, at lunch and in the evening for ten minutes.


You must devote 10 to 20 minutes to half an hour daily to think and concentrate your thoughts on the great and sublime as an ideal in your life. Think about that perfect world where angels live as well as saints and other advanced beings.


Word formulas are short and deeply meaningful phrases that must be pronounced with concentration. They allow man to connect with the positive powers in Nature. With the power inherent in formulas man can overcome life's trials.














Greeting of the sun

The greeting of the Sun is good for both the physical and spiritual life of man. The flow of solar energy is most powerful and invigorating at sunrise. It is not merely an outward act. Man must have that internal disposition of the soul that allows him to accept the powers which the Sun gives copiously. The Sun represents the Divine life that rises continually in the human soul.

Every day at sunrise you must wish to have love in your heart and truth in your mind. Thus you shall be joyous and cheerful all day long. To make matters easier and smoother, every morning when you get up, you must put your hands on top of your head and tell yourself: "God I want to serve you with my entire mind, with all my heart, with all my soul and all my spirit!"

Those who have lost the meaning in life must greet the sun every morning. Get up and see the rising Sun for a month and see how you will feel then. In springtime look at the flowers and trees in bloom.

Great meaning is hidden in the Sun. Those who dislike the Sun do not love God. The Sun does not demand your bows or services. It only gives and says: "Take all you want from me." How can you repay the Great? The Great only gives and you must apply what is given to you.











Music as a method of work


Music is a basic method in the new education, one of its best methods. The important thing is the practical educational influence of music, the one that music can create in man. Music can be applied in children's education as well. It brings order and structure to them. Even the most willful children can be cultivated with music. It is very important to develop their musical sense because if that is not developed then no idea can be brought to them.

Transformation of all energies in an ascending line is best accomplished through music. Man brings good disposition to his soul through singing. Thus worries and irritation disappear, the mind is comfortable and memory is strengthened and the heart enjoys peace, comfort and quiet. Singing is necessary to people to be good and cheerful. It helps their tone, their life becomes easier and it is arranged according to their needs. Given the conditions of the human life, man often needs to get good tone. How? By singing purposefully to himself and simultaneously giving deep inner expression of music. Thus he brings to him that rhythm which exists in the entire reasonable nature and gets in tone. While a man sings he is in tone i.e. strong, when he stops, he grows weak.

For alleviation, ennoblement of character special sound, special words must be articulated. Each sound, each word has specific influence on the human character. Singing develops abilities that cannot be otherwise developed.


























A man cannot be healthy if he has no proper attitude to air. Improper breathing can cause many illnesses. Your back hurts because you are not breathing properly. You get angry and mad – for the same reason. Rapid and shallow breathing is dangerous to the organism. It brings various illnesses. Breathe easily, regularly with a definite rhythm.

You shall breathe and sing. If you do not sing, you cannot breathe deeply, properly. Breathe purposefully, with Love.


When you get up in the morning, before you get to doing anything at all, do a couple of deep breaths. Breathing helps the cultivation of human character. It enhances the light of the mind and the warmth of the heart. It makes the face beautiful. If a man does not breathe properly, the skin on his face and hands wrinkles prematurely.

Attempt to heal yourself by breathing. In the morning, before lunch and in the evening do 12 to 19 breathing exercises. Start with 6. Each breathing in, holding the air and breathing out counts as one exercise. When doing these exercises your mind must be concentrated. When you breathe the diaphragm must flex and then expand. A person who has no experience in deep breathing must start with holding the air for 2 to 3 seconds a time and every day he must increase the time by a second. A person who can hold up his breath for up to 30 seconds can overcome most of his and illnesses. Headaches, chest pains, stomach aches, paralysis – all that can disappear.     



































Gymnastic exercises and Paneurhythmy


The Master gives different types of exercises – exercises for the body, exercises of the willpower, exercises for the mind. They are developed in a couple of basic series given to his disciple through the years. The first exercises are from 1910. They aim to strengthen the health and bring harmony among the functions in the organism. In 1920 he gives a series of 6 esoteric exercises. In 1922 he gives the 6 exercises that are done before the Paneurhythmy. Another series consists of 4 exercises of the willpower.

Those are his words about them:


The exercises that you do are necessary because in half of your body mostly negative energy gathers and in the other half – mostly positive. These exercises balance the diferent energies in your body. When man is healthy, when he feels and thinks properly, the energies balance themselves.

When you do exercises be aware that they will only have good results when they are done purposefully, when they are based on a great law and not on suggestion. Whatever his age a man must do reasonable, proper movements. The proper movements are those closely connected with man's thoughts and feelings. When the connection between the thoughts, feelings and movements of man is missing there is inner disharmony. When a man does reasonable exercises he helps his self-education as well as the education of the younger generation.

When the movements are purposeful they are enjoyable. Every movement must be significant and sacred. That is why you must all strive to beautiful movements. Every movement must evoke corresponding reasonable powers with which you can connect. Only thus movements can have meaning and good use.

Many are those that are negligent to the exercises. Man can do without the exercises but then illnesses and pain shall come. When you are indisposed, when you are in disharmony, before you start your work do one or two exercises. After you do the exercises your condition will change. Everything in Nature is in movement. Therefore a man must move, to make purposeful exercises. Use the exercises as a method to transform the bad conditions.




Paneurhythmy is a method for improvement of man's psychic and physical condition which is remarkable for its simplicity and results. Practicing the Paneurhythmy increases effectiveness and well-being and creates valuable social skills. Due to its collective character the practice of Paneurhythmy serves not only as a means for conscious improvement of the human being as a single person, but also fo the improvement of the skills needed for efficent group work.

All of these aspects of the Paneurhythmy influence have been  proven lately by scientific research and in the publications of renowned scientists, professors in some of the most prestigious universities in Bulgaria. Thus not only the practical experience, but contemporary science as well, is re-discovering the Paneurhythmy as an exceptionally modern, efficient and beautiful method for the improvement of the quality of life of man and society.





The testament of the Colour Rays of Light

is a method of spiritual work with the seven primary colours, symbol of the Seven Divine Spirits and Seven Stars. Each weekday certain texts are read that relate to the corresponding rainbow colour. The testament is composed entirely of texts from the Bible that were chosen and specially arranged in order to characterize different Christian virtues. This method was given to his disciples in the village of Arbanassi in 1912.



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