The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          


Go out in Nature and admire everything you see there. And its pictures are clear, sublime. They stimulate man to science, to study of the laws governing Nature.

For a man to climb high mountain peaks is to commune with Nature's forces. As he goes to a restaurant to eat physically, the same way he climbs mountains to feed himself spiritually. A man communes with mountain energies not only physically but also spiritually. The more spiritual he is, the more awake his consciousness is and the more proper the communion between him and Nature is.




Nature is a school. Everything is in place. Everything is a subject study for man.

If you turn and look at Nature you will see music and art and science in it. Where is the music in Nature? In the running waters, in the rumbling of the springs, in the rustle of the leaves, and in the blowing winds. Where is art in Nature? In the colourful flowers, in the wings of insects and butterflies, of birds. Where is architecture in Nature? In the buildings of mountains and rocks. Where are the natural sciences? Natural science is in every mineral, plant and animal. Not only this but also you will find the philosophy of all science in Nature.





Therefore let those who wish to educate themselves come into communion with the living reasonable Nature. This communion can be attained when a man accepts with his mind the idea that Nature is living, reasonable and intelligent. Wherever you go in Nature you are surrounded by living, reasonable beings and forces. To establish communion with Nature you only need to attune to its vibrations. When you are in communion with Nature it will guide you and provide methods for proper and reasonable work on yourselves. Yet this is not achieved immediately but gradually, in time. So do not yet leave your old life. In that life you encounter new views; you accumulate them in your subconscious until they appear in special occasions.


You must study Nature.
In the blowing wind, in the running rivers, in the moving light and in life's manifestations the language of God is hidden. There I hear words that I have not heard from the best of the orators. In the words of the storm I hear God's words!





You go up in the mountain to learn the great God's laws. The mountain is a place for manifestation of Love. For those who can see them the mountains have all the goods in it.

A trip in the mountain has meaning in as much as we see God in Nature.

When a man climbs a mountain he must take a good look at and examine all pictures that appear before his eyes. When you look at an artist's painting you know that he chose what colours to use so that he could show his subject better and clearer. Sometimes the painting's colours are aptly chosen and sometimes not. It is the same with every stone and every tree and spring in the paintings of the living Nature where everything is in its place according to the understanding of the artist or decorator. It is your beautiful task to examine these pictures. A man can learn the laws of perfection from Nature and he shall apply them in his own life.

The mountain loves cleanliness. Keep mountain cleanliness as a sacred testament. Every piece of paper, food remains, animal manure – all this must be removed. When you climb the mountain tops you must keep them clean. This is the simplest way to show that you value what reasonable Nature has created.


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