The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          

To fulfill his life's destiny a man must be in perfect health. And to maintain his body healthy a man must know the laws of nature. Only thus he can perform properly his function as a cell in the Big Universal Organism. The Master advises his disciples to keep the life rhythm of their bodies by using all the means and method that Nature offers abundantly. The main factors for life in good health are the Sun, the air, the water, and the food.




The Sun

There is the same relation between the human organism and the Sun as there is between God and human soul. Without it, without this communion a man cannot grow. The sun's rays are most powerful at dawn. It is then that the human organism is most susceptible to the sun energies. What the sun gives must be accepted and transformed. A man gets energy from the Sun for his brain, for his lungs, his stomach, and his body. There is reason hidden in this energy. To greet the rising Sun means to connect meaningfully with it so that its powers can flow through your organism. The more sunlight a man gets onto himself, the more mellow and magnetic he gets. When a man greets the sunlight lovingly then he benefits from it.




The Air


A man's health depends on the proper breathing. When a man breathes properly he is free from physical and psychic pain, he gradually brings harmony to his life and revives it. Proper breathing means that a man must obtain the life energy, the prana, which is in the air. In spring one should get out every morning and breathe fresh air, away from the city dust and smoke; a man should devote at least one hour to breathing and exercises. The most healing energies are in the months of April, May and June. Breathing can become a method not only for health improvement but also for development of the mind, for more will power, for ennoblement of the heart, for improment of the memory, for development of the gifts and virtues, for perfection of the voice, and also for the awakening of the sublime human nature.




The Water


The water is the bearer of life, of life prana. Those who know how to benefit from this prana, they can heal easily. The water takes away the excess heat in the organism and restores equilibrium. To be healthy a man must drink a certain amount of water. Water is as important for the human organism as its significance in nature. Every organism has its limit of water per day. When a man drinks water properly, he commits to the magnetic power of the water. If you want to avoid being ill, then you must think constantly about the beneficial effect of water on the organism. The water regulates the nervous system, it cleanses the organism, dissolves the residues that have accumulated and is a good conductor of magnetism. It bears life!





The Food


Life hygiene must begin with the proper use of the light which is stored in plants and fruits. Each organism needs specific food which is good not only for his physical but also for the spiritual and psychic development of man. Given the present circumstances it is better for a man to be vegetarian. Meat and meat products bring negative elements which the human organism finds hard to deal with. They damage his physical and spiritual life. I do not recommend meat because it does not contain enogh light and warmth. Vegetarian food, fruit contain more light and warmth. It is better to receive food in its primal condition.

Human life expectancy depends on the proper feeding. Food gives a man not only materials to build his body with but also provides substance for his soul.

Food determines a man's health. He must choose food which is clean and in good quality, and which is beneficial to his organism.

It is best that a man should eat after sunrise in the morning and before sunset in the evening. He must eat in good humour, with no inner disturbancies. It is very important how a man receives his food. Quick and negligent eating has negative influence on the organism.


A man must eat meaningfully so that he can benefit from the food he eats. It is important that you feel gratitude when you eat. A man's future is determined by the food he eats. The cleaner and healthier the food he eats, the greater and brighter his future will be.





The wheat regimen

The wheat regimen is a unique diet for purifying of the organism which was given by Master Peter Deunov. It is to be followed every year in February, right after full moon when the moon is on the wane. It is best to start on a Wednesday but not later than the third or fourth day after full moon. It aims to cleanse and revitalize the organism after the winter. The practice of purifying the organism after the winter months is known in many cultures and religions, including the Christian. In February we cleanse our body from the residues and accumulations from the more stagnant winter food. The wheat regimen lasts for ten days and a lot of water is recommended for its duration. The recommendation is to drink over one and a half liters of warm boiled water which has a strong cleansing and energizing effect all by itself.


On the morning of the first day you must say the formula: "God, please, let me in the healing centre of Nature for 10 days.” The formula is to be pronounced once only.

Every day you must eat 100 grams of wheat – it contains all life essential elements, - it must be washed well and soaked in boiling water from the previous night and left to soak in a thermos or it can be boiled lightly the night before. The wheat can be at least soft, it can also be cracked open but not boiled too much. The wheat must not have sprouted. It is to be set into three portions and eaten very slowly while chewing rhythmically and extensively. It is recommended to chew each mouthful 100 times at least. In addition to the wheat you can have 3 apples a day – for the heart, - up to 9 walnuts a day – for the brain, - and 3 spoonfuls a day of honey. You must drink a lot of water, without restrictions, and not less than 1.5 litters a day.


It is to be done on the 10th day and besides the wheat you can add to your lunch and supper potato soup – potatoes chopped in large pieces, - with a pinch of salt and a bunch of parsley. In the days


following the regimen it is good to eat less.




Good mood and bad mood


Even when you get up in the morning you must start


thinking about something sublime so that you can get into a good mood. Tell yourself: "Today I am in a good mood" and try to picture yourself strong, healthy and beautiful. Man's sorrows are due to the fact that in his bad moods he stops the blessings which come to him from the invisible world or from God.

The bad moods are the cause of illness. Bad mood brings residue, surplus, inert matter and a man gets indisposed. And then illnesses come as methods of healing. So illness is not a punishment but a stimulus, an incentive to make a man throw away all that is impure in him.

If you are indisposed, do not succumb to your bad mood but go and meet people who are cheerful and in good mood. They will awaken certain feelings in you and you will return your good mood. If you are in despair and you want to commit suicide then go amongst poor people who live in hunger and poverty and your desperation will dissipate. You will see that your suffering is insignificant compared to the privation of the people that you have come across.

Contentment is one of the rules necessary for life. If you possess inner contentment you will always have friends. There is no such soul that will not understand you if you speak the language of Love. If a man feels that you love him then you can transform him – such is the power of Christ's teaching.


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