The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          

The Master's Command
Love the absolute way of Truth and Life.
Put the Good as a foundation of your home,
Justice as a measure,
Love as an adornment,
Wisdom as a fence
and Truth as a Luminary.
Then and only then shall thou know Me and I will manifest myself to you.








The Master founded his teaching on five Christian virtues: Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Virtue. To be able to acknowledge the five principles as the foundation of life every person must develop those brain centres that are their conductors. When a man has developed in himself a highly virtuous value system then he shall find meaning in his life and shall see that its only goal is perfection.










The whole Cosmos in its entirety, the whole physical world is Love manifested, Love materialized. Love encompasses all conditions, all methods, and all possibilities for the human soul to grow and develop in its entirety. It is a collective manifestation of all reasonable Beings that have completed their growth and have become one with God. In any man Love acts as a longing of the heart, as a feeling in his soul, as a power in his mind and as a principle of his spirit. Deep in his soul every man recognizes the beauty, greatness and sanctity of Love. It is a natural striving of the human soul. Love as a principle is now coming to the world.






Wisdom is a world where from time immemorial everything that God has created exists, everything that the sublime spirits have created and everything that man has created on Earth. It is the light that never dies in infinite space. God created the Universe in Wisdom. The path of Wisdom is the hardest one. It is the path of Teachers. When Wisdom shines in human soul everything in man's mind is in its place. All ideas are clear, definite and man is in harmony. Wisdom brings light and knowledge.






Truth signifies the sublime in man. Truth will allow man to overcome the boundaries of the limited mortal life and enter eternal freedom. It is a world of beauty beyond description where everything is strictly defined. Truth does not tolerate ignorance, weakness, impurity. Those who wish to be perfect must go to truth. It has the beginning and end of all. It is the manifestation of God, Our Lord who creates the conditions in which human spirit and human soul can grow and know the striving to something better and brighter in the wide world.






Justice is a great internal process of distribution of all Divine blessings. It establishes the true relationship between human souls. To gain perfection a man must put down Divine Justice as a first step in his life. It is the foundation on which Love is manifested. Justice is the physical aspect of Love. No growth can be achieved without it. When it comes as a principle only then true respect shall appear that people must have for each other.






Good is life's foundation. It is a creative process that is constantly developed. True good brings life, light and freedom. It is inherent in human soul and is the first relationship in life. No knowledge can be gained without it. Good is a concept necessary for man's perfection, it is a path to God's Love. Every beautiful thought and every noble feeling come from the good we do.


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