The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          

Nowadays God's teaching is preached to people. It is the teaching of Christ. It is for those with profound understanding of Life. It is for all people, for humanity as a whole, for all conditions, all ages and times. Any man who can grasp the profound meaning of this teaching will find there the strength to revitalize his life and complete his tasks.



















Peter Deunov delivered over 4000 lectures in nearly 50 years of active work. Some of them are published and are preserved in the National Library "Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii" in Sofia. Records in shorthand of the talks are preserved in the Central state record office.


Books and articles by the Master


The first book by the Master is "Science and Education" written in 1896. Among the other books and article he wrote are: "Secrets of the Spirit" ("Hio-Eli-Meli-Mesail"), "An Appeal to My People", "God's Testimonies", "Seven Talks with the Spirit", "The Three Things", "Thoughts and Guidance", "Blessed Time", "Willfulness".

"Rodina" Magazine published a series of articles in phrenology.

Lectures and talks

The remainder of the Master's lectures is a generous literary inheritance found upon transcription from the shorthand records and notes of the spoken words.


Thousands of lectures and talks, taken in shorthand and then printed, can be classified by their topic and date:


Talks at Gatherings – Talks, guidance and advice given during the gatherings in August from 1906 to 1944. Part of the words at gatherings аre also the so called "Rila Talks" delivered in the mountains in the years from 1929 to 1944. Another part are the lectures given during the Youth gatherings from 1923 to 1930.

This section of the Word consists of talks given at the White Brotherhood gatherings in Varna, Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and in Rila. Just like the Sunday lectures, they are remarkable for the wide range of spiritual life issues and their realization in the practical world, put forward with abundant examples taken from life. The Talks at Gatherings contain the sacred knowledge about the essence of spiritual self-realization, evolution, apprenticeship. They are like the door to the realm of the five Divine principles – Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue. This section contains one of the most important talks in this respect, entitled "The Path of the Disciple", in which the evolution of man is presented in the context of a universal cosmic plan.

Master Peter Deunov took his follower to a camp by the Seven Rila Lakes for the first time in 1929. The talks given in Rila are also called "Rila Talks". They often tell about the life in the mountain and the implementation of absolute purity in the physical as well as the psychic and spiritual life. Because "purity is the first and necessary condition for the proper development of man." And this proper development presupposes the proper attitude of man to God. Life in Christ and for Christ – the God manifested in the world, is one of the basic topics in the Rila talks. This life is possible through Love implemented in all areas of personal, family and social life.





Sunday talks were held for a wide and varied audience from 1914 to 1944. They were based on interpretation of the Bible texts.


The series called "Sunday Talks" is a collection of lectures that were given at 10 am on Sundays. The public presentation and recording of the Sunday Lectures began in 1914. They usually begin with a certain verse or several verses from the Bible and continue with interpretation, giving answers to current human issues. The style is wonderfully accessible for the listeners; it is suitable for a wide audience. The truths of life are illustrated by many proverbs and examples. The range of the talks is really wide and each talk touches on various sub-topics. The correct understanding and application of God's Words requires spiritual knowledge and deep


understanding of its inner meaning. The Sunday Talks are an invaluable source of light upon these topics. Christ's message of Divine perfection and its application in the life of every man and society as a whole is central. God's teaching is based on the principles of Love, Wisdom, and Truth. The first Sunday Lecture taken in shorthand, "Behold the Man!" opens the series of six volumes, called "Power and Life". They represent, according to Master Peter Deunov himself, the basis of his teaching which he calls the New teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood.





Thursday talks - Talks delivered to the wifes, mothers, teachers and tutors – all women who could influence society positively. Talks were delivered every Thursday. The series started on February 17th 1917 and the last lecture was delivered on June 30th 1932.


Thursday Talks, also called "talks before the sisters" were given for a very special audience – women, mothers, educators, teachers, all women who could change society. They were given for sixteen years (1917 – 1932) in the afternoons on the fourth day of the week (with the exception of only five of them), and so the Master called them Thursday talks. They are included in the collection entitled "The Great Mother". They contain guidance, directions and methods for spiritual practice. Many esoteric notions and symbols are clarified in them.






Talks to the General esoteric class: 31 series from 1922 to 1944. Topics were set, tasks and exercises given to fulfill.


In 1922 Master Peter Deunov opened the White Brotherhood School. A more thorough work on the spiritual principles and laws is a natural necessity. This section of the Word is called "lectures". The style is more concise, scientific. Examples and proverbs are still present, but the emphasis is on the spiritual clarification of the principles and laws of nature through examples from various branches of science. There are abundant algebra examples and geometry figures as a method of illustrating the spiritual message. The variety of topics is related to the various means for spiritual improvement and hygiene in the broadest sense of the word – purity of thoughts, feelings and actions. The wide science of the anthropological triangle is developed – mind, heart, and willpower; and methods are given for spiritual transformation of the thoughts, feelings and willpower. The central topic is the Divine beginning and its manifestations in nature and human life.

On 24th February, 1922, Friday, the Master opened the General Esoteric Class. It was open for listeners from all ages and different family background. The Lectures were given every Wednesday for 22 years in a row.





Talks to the Youth esoteric class – from 1922 to 1944, talks were held every Friday for 22 years.


Master Peter Deunov opened simultaneously two classes in his School – General and Special, later on called "Youth". The Youth Esoteric Class was attended by people whom The Master personally invited to join.

The lectures in the Youth Esoteric Class are similar to those in the General Esoteric Class, but they are shorter and more specific. The main role in the methodology is taken by the geometry figures as well; they are used to solve figuratively various spiritual issues. More written tasks are given as well as various tasks and exercises. The Lectures in the Special Class aim to provoke deeper understanding in the acknowledgement and grasp of the Laws of Existence. The Class gives new direction and optimum conditions for the development of the mind, heart and willpower, as well as all human abilities. Emphasis is put on various aspects of the vast science of the consciousness and its basic levels – subconsciousness, consciousness, self-consciousness and super-consciousness. The methods for transformation of the lower human being into a supreme one is a major emphasis in the lectures. This is achieved through deep inner work by means of concentration and meditation, prayer, contemplation and thinking, self-analysis and physical exercise. All this is aimed at self-knowledge and development of qualities for organization of the inner world and its harmonization with the external world.





Morning talks – on September 21st, 1930 Master Peter Deunov started giving Sunday morning talks. They were delivered after sunrise.

The Morning Talks are a section of the Word which was also given on Sundays, but at 5 am. The Talks were addressed to a smaller audience and they were shorter. The first morning talk – "The Absolute Truth" was given on 21st September, 1930. The Master talks about Chapters from the Bible and translates their spiritual message into contemporary language. The sacred texts hold supreme meaning which is sometimes difficult to understand for the human brain. Their interpretation is in the Morning Talks.


Special talks – held on special occasions: New Year's Eve, celebrations on March 22nd and September 22nd, communal celebrations and other occasions, these talks were printed in separate leaflets.

The very title suggests that these are Peter Deunov's talks which do not fit any of the above mentioned categories, but were rather given on special occasions. They reflect the basic principles of the Word in general and they are devoted to specific topics, related to the development of the human soul in its ascent to the Great Reasonable Beginning.


"The Testament of Love" talks were published in three volumes – those were the last words of the Master. They were kept in the village of Marchaevo and in Sofia from March 19th 1944 to December 20th 1944.



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