The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          


Paneurhythmy was created by Master Peter Deunov in the 30s of the 20th century. Its creation was not a work of the moment but rather a process that continued for 9 years – a period in which the separate parts were added and developed until it reached the complete form we know now.

The word Paneurhythmy is made up of three Greek roots: Pan – universal, all-embracing; eu – bringing harmony, balancing; and rhythmus – regularity of movement. So the word itself means "Universal harmonizing rhythm."





Paneurhythmy is a circular dance. It consists of three parts:


Paneurhythmy, Sun rays, Pentagram. It combines music with organically inherent movements and words. The Master regards Paneurhythmy "a science about the proper and harmonious movements"; he tells us that in these movements the laws of the Universe are reflected.

In the beginning music was created – the Master played with his violin the melodies to which movements were added, and later on words. The Master says that the melodies contain the pulsations of the sunshine and were used in ancient sanctuaries as part of the spiritual rites and dances of initiates and disciples.   

The movements are graceful and peaceful; the Master says that "they are taken from the Living Nature" or, to use the modern terminology, these are archetypal movements familiar to every human soul. The Masters calls them simply "natural movements".

The songs' texts describe natural scenes and evoke beautiful ../../images which the human soul embraces readily – sunrise, dew drops, shining stars, etc. It shows respect and admiration for Nature's beauty.




The practice of Paneurhythmy is incorporated in nature's yearly cycle – it is played in periods when the sun's rays are most beneficial to man and bring not only life-sustaining prana but also spiritual energy. At our particular geographical position this is the period between the equinoxes – the vernal equinox on March 22nd and the autumnal equinox on September 22nd. Paneurhythmy is played right after sunrise and before noon when the flow of energy from the Sun to Earth is most active.

The above described components determine the beneficial effect of Paneurhythmy as well as its universal nature. Its influence has many aspects. Rhythmical exercises in the open, in fresh air strengthen the physical body. Regular practice of Paneurhythmy leads to proper body posture and habitual harmonious, simple and graceful movements. It prevents the manifestation of many illnesses of the human motor system and when there are existing complaints, they can be treated or at least beneficially influenced. The movements in Paneurhythmy exercise evenly all muscle groups and delay the ageing process of the organism in general, and improve tissue elasticity in particular.




Rhythmical movements accompanied by even and rhythmical breathing improve circulation and have healing effect on many diseases of the pulmonary system and all illnesses connected with disturbed blood circulation. Muscle tone improvement and good physical shape help the function of the heart.

Practicing Paneurhythmy brings comfort to thought and leads to emotional balance. It reduces emotional and mental stress. It leads to a state of wellness and good health.

Aside from the beneficial effects on the physical body, emotions and mind, Paneurhythmy's greatest significance is the development of the Sublime human nature – a goal pursued by all spiritual practices. Man's inner gifts and abilities are manifested and intelligence is developed because Paneurhythmy exposes man to the sublime natural and cosmic influences. It helps people cultivate their creative powers. 

People from all ages can practice Paneurhythmy regardless of their religious beliefs or social status. Children learn beautiful and graceful movements, people in need will recover their vitality and will gain positive emotions, philosophically inclined people and intellectuals can consider the meaning and significance of geometric forms and ideas included.

Circular dancing is becoming extremely popular practice recently and this is easily understandable. The circle symbolizes wholeness and unity. In times of social alienation people are looking for means and ways of unity and human contact.




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