The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          

Master Peter Deunov left us over 160 musical works, songs and musical exercises. Music is central to his teaching. He gives musical exercises to work with and to explore life through the laws of music. They are keys to communication with Nature, other people and God. Each talk, celebration and trip, each gathering started and ended with music.  The Master said:           




Music is neither secular, nor spiritual, it is a principle, but there are different translations. Music is science. A man must study it conscientiously to reach its profound meaning.

Music is the most organized of worlds. Without music one cannot understand life, without music one cannot understand virtue, without music one cannot understand love. Love has the same law as music. Music is the highest expression of love. Music is the soul of love. It is born out of Love in the Divine world. It represents the most beautiful thing in the world that people can reach. Without music and harmony man cannot think. If a man cannot think properly he shall have no accomplishment. Music is necessary for man's consciousness and soul. It expands awareness, lifts the spirit, ennobles the soul and helps thought by bringing light and freedom to the mind, and softness and warmth to the heart. Singing and music are only meaningful when they aim at man's ennoblement.






Melody is human soul's cry to God, and harmony is the answer to this appeal. Melody is the soul's song and harmony is God's answer. The world is based on the law of harmony. Sooner or later every man must accept this harmony – music in nature. Nature in its entirety is penetrated with music – the world of the unseen is playing as well as the world we see. Man must embrace this harmony, let it in and feel that somewhere inside him, in his heart something is singing quietly as if somewhere deep he is listening to that harmony. The world of music is an intermediary. One cannot think properly and feel properly if he has no musical grasp, no sense of harmony. All reasonable things in the world happen according to the laws of music, they are rhythmical in nature. Sometimes they are called cause and consequence, rhythm, straight thinking, morality. Morality is the harmony in human soul – harmony in thoughts, feelings and will. Man was created according to the laws of nature's music that is inherent in the universe. For him music is an inner awareness of understanding with the One that created the world.




If our music cannot lift us up to the eternal so we can know God, if singing and music cannot bring us closer to the true science, if they cannot bring us closer to the true life, then what kind of music is that? What good is that music to us? What good is money if it does not bring us closer to God? What is my understanding of God? By God I understand the most beautiful, the loveliest in the world, and the greatest in life. And so a man who does not strive to get closer to this greatness is a fool.  Art must have two main attributes: first, it must awaken in us the urge, the aspiration to get closer to God, and secondly, it must connect man to the Divine, to the eternal ideas. Music is the art in ascending order and every man that strives to be spiritual must sing and play by all the rules of that art which will bring the sublime life to him and will show him the path to freedom.







Sing! Your eating must be musical, your thought and speech must be musical. Music will become part of life as one of the first hygienic principles. Talking beautifully, singing beautifully, moving beautifully is healthy. Music is the strongest connection between the mind, heart and will. Someone wants to know what is the language of Nature? Music!

To develop one's sense of music is the first esoteric method of work. Music exists in nature as one of the best means for accomplishment. In this it is not an art – it is a necessity like air.

Singing rejuvenates man because it removes all those inner accumulations of life. When a man sings naturally, effortlessly, this singing rejuvenates him. A man who does not sing grows old quickly, gets weak and loses his mind's light, his heart's warmth and his willpower. Body, heart and mind are developed through music. For your personal good and to prevent premature old age, I tell you sing and listen to the song of nature. Man grows old because he cannot revive himself.


Singing is a means of revival. You must sing because the law says that the one who sings sustains his life. The more you sing, the longer you will live. The better you sing, the better you will live. The way you sing is the way you will live.




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