The Spiritual Master Peter Deunov          

There is no creature in the world that does not understand Life, does not value it and does not strive with all its powers to it. Cosmic life is not a separate thing. Even the smallest as well as the largest creature serve it only. There may be controversies in the separate parts and areas of Life but as a whole Life is a perfect harmony.   

Man has three relations to life: Love for the Eternal beginning, Love for his fellow man and Love for himself. The first relation is the most significant and it is the Love for the Whole, Love of God. The only connection between human soul and God is Love. From the Love for the Eternal beginning there follows the love for your fellow man for in every form It is present. When a man loves the Whole he shall love the parts as well, he shall have relations to them. What is meant by "Love"? Let us turn our mental gaze upwards to the Great beginning and search for that Source of Life. And when we find it then the second law will manifest for man – the Love for your fellow man.






The first step allows a man to establish a connection with the Source of life – acceptance.

The second step allows a man to create conditions for its manifestation – giving.

To love the First reason means to humble yourself. To love your fellow man means to expand yourself. When a man loves his fellow man he gives way so that the Love he has accepted from the Eternal beginning can go through him. When you love someone it postulates that you answer to God's Love.

The third stage is Love for yourself – you must make an assessment of your life, you must separate the real from the superficial, you must follow the path to perfection.




Be perfect! – That is Love for yourself. Love for yourself does not mean that you must love your personality but that you must manifest the Divine in you. In this manifestation you feel the sorrow and joy of others as if they were yours, you strive to help them fulfill their life's tasks and to use reasonably the circumstances. A sublime Beginning lives in every man that must be manifested.  

Love is a quality of the soul i.e. the inner wealth of a man for which he must strive. Love is inherent in man's soul. It suffices for a man to open his mind, his heart and his soul for the Divine and he can manifest his Love for all living creatures! A man must love to manifest himself!


When we say that we must love we mean that we must start living. Love is a door to enter life through. Those who love you run the water of life through you. Lovelessness is a garden in a dry, arid place while Love is a garden in a place with running water.







A man of Love gradually enters the life of immortality. He who dies in Love is only changed. Everyone can come to life again. When? When he has made a place in himself for Love. In the future those who want to live longer must love.


The sublime vibrations of Love go through the body of the man who loves and purify him and make him young. The more the soul manifests its love, the stronger human organism is. Long life depends on a man's Love. The first thing Love brings is true health. Treasure your good relationship with your fellow men and you shall enjoy good health and piece of mind.

Love must enter your hearts and you shall become young again. Love is the beginning of youth.

A fountain of life surges through the man who loves and it elevates those around him. He is like a spring which gives life to all. He who goes to this spring shall satisfy his thirst. To love somebody means to bring something nice to his mind every moment. If Love does not do this then it is not true. Every man who turns his love to you can help you. Even in his greatest sorrow a man only needs to think that someone loves him and he is filled with joy.

Love brings clarity to human mind. It shows the right way. Love's rays shine through the superficial nature of things and show them in their true being. It is only in the light of Love that a man can know his fellow men and all living creatures around him. To really know the world you must look at it through the eyes of Love. True knowledge is only attainable in Love.



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